Monday, March 18, 2013


Francis Bitonti Studio developed this Interior for the Peconic Ballet Theater in Riverhead, New York. This 2000sqft facility features reception area changing rooms and a 1000sqft performance and rehearsal space with a sprung floor system. White walls hover between the floor and ceiling, pulling you across, around and in. The reception area sets the space in motion as you enter. A long shelf element pierces through the wall, unfolding and bifurcating becoming the front desk. The solid black finish absorbs the shadows, creating a phantasmal floating three-dimensional object. The lighting is situated to create diffuse space, one without shadows, time or solid ground, leaving us with only the dancers to provide us with a sense of time and place. 

Location:Riverhead, NY
Client: Peconic Ballet Theatre

Wednesday, February 20, 2013



These textiles were designed for Katie Gallagher's Autumn/winter 2013 Collection. Francis Bitonti Studio collaborated with Katie Gallagher to realize these laser wool textiles. The ambition for the project was to create an atmosphere around the body wherein the body’s silhouette would be dissolved into its surroundings. 

Each textile was specifically generated for the garment. Francis Bitonti Studio digitized each of the patterns and developed computer algorithms that would generate the tool paths for laser cutting. We used the dress patterns as an input that informs the propagation of the branching pattern. The result was a dynamic responsive pattern that responds to the shape and curvature of the garment where no two parts are ever exactly alike.

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