Monday, December 13, 2010

Jardins de Métis Proposal

Title: My_SECRET[E].Garden

Team: Francis Bitonti (FADstudio) and Andrew Zientek (Terrain Studios)

This proposal for the Jardins de Métis garden festival by Francis Bitonti (FADstudio) and Andrew Zientek (Terrain Studios) uses augmented reality and other location based services to explore the notion of a secret garden . In the project Visitors, using their own smart-phones or those provided (and tethered), can view and create another dimension of the garden. The interface allows visitors to choose a new species of plant, attach a secret message and then “plant” it in the garden to be viewable by successive visitors. The garden grows, receiving and containing knowledge that is hidden from plain view. This virtual space laid over the physical landscape, tied to specific place through the technology of augmented reality. This digital evolution then spills back onto the physical as real plants are added, replacing digital versions. The garden starts with contained secrets, then writes them for others and finally translates them into material. The garden starts as subdued canvas and explodes with color.